The definitive online gateway for the supply of Chinese products in the Middle Eastern and North African markets, offering a unique platform for traders to cater to the needs of the region and beyond.

Dragon Mart provides a UAE source for the supply of Chinese products, offering Chinese manufacturers and traders a unique platform from which to sell the Dubai and surrounding market. Opened in 2004, the 1.2 kilometre-long Dragon Mart is the largest trading centre for Chinese products outside mainland China.

The 150,000 square meter dragon-shaped structure has 3,950 shops selling wholesale and retail trade of a variety of Chinese products including home appliances, stationery, office appliances, communication and acoustic equipment, lamps, household items, building materials, furniture, toys, machinery, garments, textiles, footwear and general merchandise. enables customers to avoid the traffic and queues, by contacting the shop beforehand to check stock and location within the vast market. Dragon Mart has such an eclectic product range, meaning some of the items you will only find in Dragon Mart or have to personally ship them from China at great cost and lead time.

Our online platform will always inform you if the item is out of stock and we can help arrange delivery for larger items.

Large retailers in Dubai use Dragon Mart as a wholesalers and have huge rents in the city so you pay more. Why not cut out the middle man and order directly from dragon mart using our site.

Launching very soon will be Dragon Mart online delivery. A select, high demand, stock from each shop will be available to purchase online. We will be offering Friday and Saturday deliveries from Dragon Mart Dubai right to your doorstep.

The ethos behind Dragon Mart online is to make all of the items in dragon mart easier to find, cheaper to buy and to offer a more convenient purchasing process for the consumer.

Dubai Dragon Mart Mall

The largest Chinese trading hub outside China, Dragon Mart is a mall the size of a small country out by Dubai’s International City.

Dubai Dragon Mart Mall

Built in 2002 and opened two years later, footfall at the complex has increased year-on-year. Dragon Mart currently welcomes an average 52,000 people each day, a footfall of around 19 million per annum.